Friday, September 10, 2010

I’ve been very reminiscent these last few days in the wake of Gavin’s eleventh birthday. He came to me in such an uncertain time in my life. He was to complete my idea of the perfect family that I had envisioned in my head. Instead of him completing the puzzle, he became the glue that mended my heart back together. He became my reasons. So many reasons…reason for getting up in the morning, reason for smiling when I didn't feel like it, reason to grow up, reason to better myself and to be brave.

I remember the days that followed his birth we had so many visitors. Too many really! Happy as we were to share our new bundle of joy I remember when we finally got home and he and I were left alone together, just Gavin and I. I took him outside to swing him, and told him all the things we were going to do together in his life. I fell in love with him right there in our backyard on the swing, just the two of us.

You know when you have a child that it is going to change your world, but Gavin not only changed mine, he defined it. There are countless lessons that God has taught me through Gavin and the people that are important to him in his life. The biggest lessons being forgiveness, waiting for God’s timing, and most importantly that even if the love you desire is not there the way you envisioned it to be…it is still there if you open your eyes to see it. My love just came to me in the form of a toe head boy, with slobbery kisses, that liked to pull my hair.

I may not be his best friend, or the best mom, but I love him six million and it has been an amazing journey watching him grow into a young man. Together we have come a long way!

Happy Birthday Gavin!!! We love you!!!

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