Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tales of the 1st Grade

Yesterday Macey got to be the special student, which meant that she got to be the teachers helper, line leader, and all kinds of special she got to bring home Henry the Hippo as her guest.

Macey then got to write about Henry's adventures at the Payne house. I am sure this one will stay forever sketched on the poor Hippo's mind...Jack thought it was a new toy for him!

Macey applied 1st aid and all was right again in the world. I think she might have been the first student in her class to take back a hurt Henry the hippo.

Of course he was in good company, so I think he felt better quickly.

Every night Macey comes home with a reading assignment.

Last week she got a new book. The first chapter was a lot like a "Dick and Jane" book. Daddy was listening and this was her page...
Jan came.
Pete and Dave came.
Dean had fun!

Daddy's mind was in the gutter and he busted out laughing. Of course Macey laughed too, and kept repeating "Jan came," to which her daddy and I tried to recover and swiftly added "to the party."

There is also some sorted romantic triangle going on between her best friend Stella and a boy they both like who I will name "Mike." Stella is in love with Mike and is going to marry him someday. Macey has actively decided to take a back seat, because she loves her best friend more than the boy (if only it stayed this easy later down the road). However Macey was telling me how Stella asked Mike why he touched Macey all the time. He told Stella to tell Macey it was because he wanted to play with her. So Macey told Stella to tell Mike that he could play with her. But Mike said he didn't want to play with her right now, it was only when he touched her. I asked Macey if she liked Mike, and she said "I am too little to like anyone right now." To which I told her she was very wise!

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