Saturday, September 24, 2011

I dream of London...

I would love to be sitting at a tiny pub in the middle of London, maybe at Trafalgar Square or Portobello Road….the places I have read about. I would love nothing more than to sit back and listen to the conversations taking place all around me. I love British English, and the sounds of their plummy accents.

Where else in the world can you use exclamatory words like Absobloodylutely, Blimey or Gobsmacked?

They live in flats, not apartments, they eat biscuits instead of cookies, and they always look so smart! They will ring you up on the telly. Even their babies get pushed around in fancy prams and wear nappies, not diapers.

They spend quid while we spend money. They take the bins out (trash). Occasional they get into a row(fight) with a mate (friend), and might even tell him to go bugger off. (Bugger sounds so much kinder than what we as Americans would say in its place.)

After they go out all night and have a smashing (great) time getting pissed(drunk) they are knackered (tired).

Some other fun words I think they say…

Kitchen roll – paper towel

Wonky – crooked

Wobbler – Erratic behavior

Bullocks – crap

Chat up – pick up or hook up

Cheeky – smart mouthed

Daft – crazy

Jammy – lucky

Snog – kiss

Gander – look

Wanker – not really sure, but wouldn’t want to be called one

Bloke – man

Check out some other slang here.

And how about this scenery?

Cherrio Mate!

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