Friday, September 30, 2011

Still here...

Yes, I am still here. When I don’t post for awhile my family and friends think that I am sick or something is wrong…which many times is the case, but this week…just busy. Also, much of the week was about Gavin and he is getting really nerved by my postings and pics of him online. I am going to ruin his social life.
So here is a recap of this week….

Monday Gavin went back to the doctor for x-ray and new pink cast (which only girls can sign). The Doctor noticed that his bone had shifted slightly. He has to stop using his arm so much. Three more weeks and hopefully we will move on to a brace for another six weeks.

On Monday evening Snowball tickets went on sale. Snowball is the Vigo County School Corporation’s middle school dance. They only sell 1,000 tickets, and the event is so large that it takes place at ISU’s Hulman Center. Tickets were $26 a piece for this formal affair, and were available for sale at Hulman Center from 6pm to 8pm. There was already a line at 1:30 that afternoon. After 4pm that day, Gavin called to tell me he had a date to the dance and would like a ticket. When we got there at 6:40 the line was all the way around to the back of the building. We waiting in line for one hour and then were told the tickets were all sold out. I wish I would have taken a camera to show you the line….amazing. Gavin was bummed, but personally I am not. He’s got so many dances ahead of him…and he is only in sixth grade. I did feel bad for the girl in front of us who had already purchased her dress.
Tuesday we go to meet our new neighbors. I came home and found two little kids other than my own hanging from the monkey bars. Macey is so excited to have made a new friend. Gracie is one year older than she. Gracie and Macey.

Wednesday my car broke down. How awesome is that? I don’t even want to talk about it. I guess when it rains it pours. Gavin’s exclamation of benefits came in the mail the same day. His emergency room visit alone, top out to over seven thousand. Just thankful that Paul and I have insurance, and are employed. This too shall pass, right?

Thursday Mamoo and Papsy came to dinner, and it was a good day.

Today is report card day for Macey!

Here are a few pics of Macey this summer attending her first wedding reception. She had so much fun dancing with the girls. Afterwards she told that for her birthday party she wanted a disco just like that.

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