Sunday, October 16, 2011

Greetings from Derby Indiana

A few pics from our annual trip to the Ohio River in Derby Indiana at the Cabin on the Rocks...

We ate good, drank lots. Some of us got sick, slept, cried over broken hearts, hiked a trail, sampled some wine, and went to the casino. We carved pumpkins, went to Wal-mart, played Yahtzee and got some sun.

Mamoo and Papsy say this is our last year. Part of me way next year would mark a decade for me. But the other part says how about going to Memphis? Beale Street with Papsy and Graceland with Mamoo, and this great little place to eat ribs.

No matter what we do the river will always be special to me and my kids! It's just where we go every fall!

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