Friday, October 28, 2011

I love you...but don't tell anyone!

So yesterday when I went to drop off Macey at daycare I stopped to kiss and hug her goodbye as I always do, but only got a hug. Today the same thing happened...but I wasn't giving up without a fight. "Are you to big to give your mom a kiss?" I asked her. She looked around the room and reluctantly gave me a quick kiss on my forehead.

Then Gavin came by my work on his way out of town for the weekend to pick up Gavin's things. I went to kiss Gavin goodbye...and as I started to walk away he threw his arms around me to give me a hug. "I get a hug too?" I asked him...his dad said it was my lucky day.

Maybe there is some truth in that "Mommy's boy, and Daddy's girl." All I know is that as their Mom...I will never stop trying to steal their affection.

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