Thursday, October 20, 2011

A Leason Learned: Be Happy for Your Friends

Tonight was Macey's fall program at school. A couple of weeks ago Macey came home all upset because her BFF got picked to sing a solo. And we all know how Macey loves to sing! (If you need a refresher click here.... or here... or even here.)

Last week when she started singing her friends part I started to get nervous that this would not be a solo, but a duet.

Macey told me that her friend was bragging about singing, and I had to reinforce that she was not bragging...just excited about the opportunity and since she was her BFF she was going to hear about it. I told her that she needed to be happy for her friend and be there for her as she might be nervous.

So her friend sang and she did wonderful! I looked over at Macey and this is what I saw...

I can see it in her face...she wanted that so bad! But she didn't even mouth the words. Her best friends brother on the other hand was singing...he knew all the words from hearing his sister sing all week. He licked his mothers hand while she tried to cover his singing little voice.

When her friend was done singing at the mic...she went to stand next to Macey and gave her the cutest...biggest smile of relief, and "I did it" and they went back to singing.

So at the very young age of six Macey learned the lesson of being there for your friend, even if you wish you were in their shoes at that moment.

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