Wednesday, January 2, 2013


All my life I have found myself jotting down the events of my, our days.  I have grand expectations of someday compiling them altogether for me.  I was looking for old journals today and found one for 2007.   Here is what I wrote about the first of my year of 2007...made me laugh!

January 1, 2007
Found a piece of green bubble gum under the sink today while cleaning.  Then Paul P found Gavin seeing how far he could stretch the piece of gum from his mouth. 

Dinner at the Payne's tonight.  Lynn gave both Macey and Gavin a "session" on better behavior.  At least we are staring our new year out in a wonderful home!    Let's hope the year is better worldwide.  We have everything we need.  For this I am grateful.  The world is a sad place and I hope it gets better for the sake of our children.

January 2, 2007
Gavin is sad that Santa did not bring him a magic book that whatever you wrote in it came true.  He wanted to write in it that everything would be free.  He cannot wait to go back to school.

next I found the 2008 is what I wrote...

January 1, 2008
Macey slept.  We didn't go out...very cold only 5.  It snowed lightly all day.  I figured out how to use and download music on Gavin's new MP3 player.  We also signed him up for Internet.  He wanted his sign on name to be Godilla69...where does he get this?  Macey didn't want to potty in the pot so she got a towel out and peeded on the floor.  Aunt Kaye went to the hospital on Monday to have a feeding tube put in.  They could not, because of the cancer had spread to her stomach.  She was so much better today, actually ate.  However, the priest came and got her ready. 

next I found the 2011 journal, here goes...

December 30, 2010
Daddy bought the Cheesestick..G6.  Earthquakes in Indy but we didn't feel them. 

December 31, 2010
Unseasonably warm today, 50's or 60's, rain, thunderstorms and tornadoes.  Small fire when cooking oysters on the grill.  Macey was at Grammy and Papa's and they told her she was up at was only 9:30 and she called to wish us a happy new year.  Then she proceeded to ask us if we were naked.

January 2, 2011 had to say goodbye to Nana and Grumps.  They were going back to Maine on Wednesday.  I gave both of them a hug and told them that I loved them.  Nana said "Love you much."  I like that!  I think I will say that from now on.

2012 Journal
January 1st.  Macey and Daddy stayed up to watch the ball drop.  Big ticket item shopping, a sofa and computer, but neither accomplished.  1st meal of the year, sea scallops.  Gavin comes back home tonight, and back to school tomorrow. 

Love remembering all the little details of my life!

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