Tuesday, January 29, 2013

the beach...

A week ago my husband and I spent some time on the beaches of the Florida Panhandle. 

Our favorite beaches were Mexico Beach and Cape San Blas! 

And we stayed here....

Mamoo and Papsy came to stay with Jack and the kids.  Mamoo was out of here when we arrived home five days later!  I asked her if she was ready to go home...she said "I just want to read my book!"  I laughed inside because I so understood that reading is a luxury in this house! 

It was a much needed break away from all the things I love so much, and to reconnect with my husband!  Just soak up a little beach time!  Mountains, city, rivers, and all things in between...I love the beach!  Maybe it is all my childhood memories of Maine.  Just something about the sound of the surf, smell of the beach and the sand between my toes.  Standing on any shore is my idea of heaven.  Just like the tide comes in and out...life carries on.  The surf can be loud...but so can life.  It is the one place I feel connected to this earth and the idea of something so much bigger and powerful then myself. 

When I was so much younger and spent my summers in Maine my Nana (aka grandma) would take me for brisk walks on the beach in the morning.  And when my dad happened to be there he would take me in the evenings after dinners.  What I remember is that I always felt so grown up because they would talk to me about so many things.  It was almost as if the beach put a spell on them to talk about any and all things...much like wine does me now!  When I was little and they would spill their secrets to me about the stuff they knew...I felt so big.  Now when I walk the shores...gleaming sea shells, I feel reassured that someone is indeed looking after all of us.  I think that is why I love the shores, and ocean so much.  To me it is food for my soul!  Just wish I didn't live so far away from it's magic! 

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