Saturday, December 13, 2014

Christmas Tree

For years I have been saying I wanted a beach themed Christmas tree!  I've got baskets and glass jars full of shells (memories).  This year in the middle of our kitchen renovation I splurged and bought a new tree...the one I had I bought when Gavin was 2 years old.  It was time.

 I purchased a couple of strands of twinkle lights and  broke out the shells with some glue, and glitter...finally accomplished  something I have put off for years... and the flood of memories that came,  I am in temporary bliss reliving them all.

I may be an Indy girl, but I am a beach girl at heart!

I could never grow tired of walking on the shores listening to the ebb and flow of the waves as they roll in.

The picture is from Gavin's very first trip to the ocean!!!!!

The tree is a work in process...but I found happiness in hanging each sea shell and reminiscing memories with my favorite people that walked bare feet in the sand with me over the years.

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