Saturday, April 24, 2010

Date #7

A group, Paul and Gavin. It went better than what I thought possible. After dinner we went to the park to feed the ducks. Gavin was on one side of me, Paul was on the other. We were standing on the park bench (because you have to if you don't want to get mauled) throwing bread at about 80 ducks. It felt so right. It felt like it had always been. My two favorite men, on either side of me. It was a content moment, a loud moment...with all the quacking and giggles, but still content.
Paul was so quiet, he didn't hoard my time, or have to be center of attention. He told me he was just trying to blend in. I think he did an excellent job at that too!

We all played on the play ground, go doing the slides, chasing after Gavin. Paul did a yard sale down the slid. Change, keys and all the other contents of his pockets came down the slid first...then him. I had never seen a 37 year old come down a twisty slide head first before. Paul pulled it off good.

Gavin wanted to know if Paul liked Superman, and who his favorite superhero was. He wanted to know if Paul was going to stay and play, and he even showed off his newly learned boogie dance.

Gavin never acted out to get my attention the entire time Paul was around. At the end of the night Gavin told Paul that he could go home Paul left, I put Gavin to bed, and Paul meet me on the porch for adult time.

I am so in like with this man. We kissed forever, one for each day of the week. We talked about our first kisses, and our worst kisses. Paul's description of the worst was something about a hamster in a wheel. Uck...that was different, and I am glad it wasn't me!

It was difficult to say good-night. I didn't want him to go.

(Photo is of this fall when we took Macey to our special place to feed the ducks for her first time.)

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