Friday, April 30, 2010

Flash Back Friday - Date # 8

Date number 8 we got to spend the entire weekend alone together. This was back in the day when we use to have this little thing called..."no kid weekends." Instead of recounting the entire wonderful weekend here is an email that my Mister Paul P sent me after our date # 7. This is what he wrote....

MY Kary,

Yes, I DO know exactly how you are feeling right now...even as "a guy" you may have a hard time believing that I am going through the entire gamut of emotions you are right now...I thank God we are doing this together! It would really stink to feel this good about someone, and for them not to realize it, or feel something similar. THAT is what is making you and I so good for each other, and together. We have the same desires, and the same needs, and we are pretty close on how we need to obtain them for ourselves.

I know we are still in the infancy of this relationship, but I KNOW in my heart that this is only the tip of the iceberg...and those butterflies will continue, and be more intense. I honestly don't think I could ever tire being with you, near you, close to you. Yesterday was so natural for me....I KNOW what kind of mom you are, and I respect that tremendously. I was at home last night...even while we were on the porch having adult time with Gavin sleeping...those are the things that make MEMORIES.....I was so into you, that I didn't have time to be bored.

I really like you too. I really believer we are on the verge of something bigger than you or I have ever experienced....time is on our side...slow, sure, and completely confident in what we are doing...that is my goal...and IF we do continue will be elevated to a dimension that neither you nor I have ever experienced...I thought I would be scared of that...instead, I am really excited by that.

Again, Ms P, I really like you, and love having you in my life....


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