Saturday, March 19, 2011

A Day

So, I thought my day was starting out bad only because I wanted to sleep in past 6:21 a.m. but really after all the things I learned today...waking up at 6 am is least I woke up.

Macey was going to get me out of all cost! Bless her heart. Because of this now I have implemented new rules about getting up at our house.

Paul and I got the news that our favorite bartender died yesterday. I cannot wrap my head around it...nor can Paul. Cheers to you Mike, Sonka's just will never be the same without your presence.

Still the kids and I went to the Indianapolis Art Museum to check out the new 100 acres woods. Even more of a surprise is that I had arranged with my mom for her and dad to come and meet us. They even brought a picnic lunch!

Instead of observing art...we ended up observing people. Wow! Our eyes got an eyeful today. Our local Wal-mart had nothing on the charters that we observed at the art museum, and Macey could not get over how many naked bodies were painted or sculpted.

We had a great day. On the way home Macey said "I wish we could get up again tomorrow and start this whole day over...I had so much fun!"

Paul is out on the veranda sitting in silence drinking a beer in honor of his late friend.

Life is such a funny thing. Always moving forward with our without you...

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