Thursday, March 17, 2011

Questions and Answers with Taylor P

For those of you who do not know Taylor she is my beautiful step-daughter. If you remember a little while back I featured a questions and answers session with my son Gavin.

Me: Anything rebelliously fun that you wish you could do and get away with? If you could pull it off without getting caught, getting in trouble, or suffer any ill effects what would this activity be?
Taylor: (evil smile) can I pass this question?
Me: Yes, but I still want you to tell me later..promise I won't post it on the blog.
side note,no such answers was given!

Me: Name something quirky you do.
Taylor: I don't let my foods touch together on the plate. And when I play solitaire I have to have my aces in a certain order at the top (hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs).

Me: Name something you laughed about really hard this year!
Taylor: Well it would have to include Jenna. What I remember didn't happen this year.
Me: Ok.
Taylor: Jenna attempting to skate board in the busy Walmart on Black Friday in her slip and fall shoes. The same shoes that she fell down in at school in the lunch line with her Toy Story lunch box.
Me: Do you have a lunch box?
Taylor: No.
Me: Do you want a Toy Story lunch box?
Taylor: No, I would never use it.

Me: What is your favorite book?
Taylor: Twisted Summer was really good, but I don't remember who wrote it.

Me: Do you think you will have children someday?
Taylor: "Ya know, I'd say no right now, but you never know."

Me: Best high school memory?
Taylor: Playing in Walmart with Jenna, driving around, and bear growling at people we drive by on the street.

Me: What family member do you think you act most like?
Taylor: Hum..... (time passes)...."Well, I think I just act like me."
(Although side note that her dad also has to have his aces in a certain order when playing solitaire which are hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades).

Me: A place you want to visit someday.
Taylor: Texas, specifically Amarillo

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