Sunday, March 20, 2011

Great Neighbors

It is wonderful to have neighbors, friends on your street, that you can call on in the early morning hours to ask if they have any baking soda as you have just been bombed by a skunk. Even more wonderful they ask if they can get you anything, laugh with you, wish you luck and tell you the benefits about having a skunk in your yard.

We've told you about the squirrels, and how they have been gnawing on the kids swing set. Paul has been setting the trap and catching them, sending them off to a new home.

However this mornings catch was not what we were wanting...but a skunk, and of course Jack found the skunk first.

I cannot make this stuff up, but just so you guys would believe me I snap a distant shot of our visitor. What are the odds? As miserable as it has been on our noses, and Jack... we've already got a good laugh out of it. Gavin says this is the best weekend he's had in a long time. Leave it to a boy to think this was about as fun as Christmas.

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