Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When someone says this____. It usually means this___.

Money cannot buy happiness = they are rich
What doesn't kill you just makes you stronger = suck it up cupcake
Whatever you do don't laugh = stop crying
I am sorry, but... = you are not going to like what I tell you next
The school is on the phone for you = sick kid
Can I borrow some money = late payment
Are you ok to drive = (Honestly if you have to ask?)drunk
Let me know if you need anything, or I wish I could help = all talk
Can we still be friends? = it's over
It's not you, It's me = ones attempt to appease their own guilt
Don't judge a book by it's cover = they read ugly books
Looks aren't everything = they are gorgeous
They have a great personality = beware
Everyone deserves at least one mulligan = forgive me
The boss says "What are you doing this weekend?" = overtime
I'm not drinking tonight = pregnant
It's so awesome = someone is selling you something
Does this make me look fat = if you have to ask...
Let me get back to you on that = NO
So, do you come here often = awkward
That time of the month = mentally unstable, chocolate binging, rotten mood
Fine! = it is not fine
We need to talk = behavioral or relationship modifications

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