Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back to school and other mysteries...

My mom asked me where the kids first day of school pics were. I told her that I took them, but 6:53 am is pretty dark outside. Besides I was still in my jammies when I went outside to take these and saw the hot mess my kids were in.

Gavin had something all over his face...and his hair. I guess he is attempting to grow it out long, girls like that I hear.

And Macey...I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong with her until I saw her getting inside my car and realized that her entire dress is on backwards.

See that cute hello kitty lunch bag? It is a magic bag. When you place spoons inside, they never return.

Since school has started there seems to be a shortage of ice packs and spoons in our home. Macey swears to me that I haven't packed her any spoons to take and that I need to remember the next day. I think we are down to about one spoon per each family member. I am starting to wonder if Paul is paying the kids to lose them. For he hates spoons...remember? And he is not a big fan of the ice packs. However, the last ice pack came home empty and devoid of all blue gel.

So if you come to dinner at our house, we might ask you to byos (bring your own spoon).

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