Saturday, October 23, 2010

Future Rock Star

If my daughter is not talking ....

she is singing!

It is possible that she sings more than she talks.

Today we went to a park...that has a stage!

I knew when I showed her the stage that she would instantly sing, and she did!

We played "concert" for the next thirty minutes!

I have no idea what she was singing or making up!

Currently there is a Kesha song..."Take it off". The words are terrible, but Macey doesn't know what she is singing. Instead of sing "it's a dirty free for all" she sings "it's a dirty freakerall."

Singing is her passion!

I imagine her as a singer someday!

On a side note it is almost November and we played at the park, with short sleeves and flip flops, and Macey picked me flowers from my yard. I wish this would last!

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