Monday, October 15, 2012

Derby Indiana

Every October Paul has taken me to stay with his parents on the Ohio River. See Paul's family is from Bridgeton, and when the covered bridge festival comes to Bridgeton poor Papsy (my father in law) cannot even get back and forth to work so he and Mamoo (my mother in law) get the heck out of dodge and go to the tiny little town of Derby Indiana. This was my eighth year as their guest...and their 13th year. We stay in this crooked little cabin that is part of the Ohio River Cabins, It seems like home.
For a few days each year we rest our worn out bones on the banks of the Ohio, and solve all of life's problems as we watch the barges drift up and down the river. Macey told me last week as we were gearing up to go "Do you know why I love the river so much? It is where I keep all my memories."
As we rolled off the miles last Friday I recalled the eight years worth of memories we have shared as a family. They are countless and precious to me. I love this out of the way place. Mostly because here we can be who we are, let all the guards down and be accepted for who we are and solve the problems of our world.
There is a magic in the bend of this river that can sooth a soul. I am just luck enough to have found it.

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