Friday, October 26, 2012

Vote for Abe

Last weekend when we went back to Derby we stopped again at Lincoln's childhood home and turned in Macey's assignments to become a Lincoln Jr. Ranger.  She got a special badge for doing the work.  While we were there Macey thought that being President Lincoln would be fun for Halloween.  We got the hat and the beard...but I think she is having 2nd thoughts...only because she would be dressed like a boy.

Here she is with her badge, signed certificate and hat and beard. 

I've been going in to kiss her goodnight this week to find her in the hate and beard.  She is such a funny girl.  But tomorrow we are going to the zoo for Halloween...she is not so sure and thinking her Belle dress would be better.  This year she had talked about going as a banana or Dorothy from Oz...but I still vote for Abe, wouldn't you?

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