Tuesday, October 30, 2012


He can be so fun...

My mom use to tell me, make sure you find someone that will treat his mom good...I did!

And while we all have our list of wants while we are in search of Prince Charming...it is a bonus when they exceed your best expectations.

While I had my own personal list of wants, and MUSTs that he passed.  I knew I had exceeded them when we brought our Macey home from the hospital.  Of couse she woke like all newborns do, clueless to the rules of when most humans sleep.  She was crying in her crib by our bed.  I tried to get her and leave quickly to keep him from waking, as he still had to go to work in the morning.  "Where are you going?" he asked me.  "Stay here, it is fine!"  He then went to get the biggest pillow we had to lay between us.  "Put her here."    After I nursed her, I placed her between us in our big bed on that pillow between us.  He patted her back and she went back to sleep between us.  And I feel in love with him all over again.

This man loves his kids.  Although his older children might have questioned this...push comes to shove he's got their backs!  I love that about this man. And I know he's got mine too! 

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