Thursday, October 18, 2012

Macey's First Hero

These last few month Macey has found her first hero...President Abraham Lincoln.  She checks out books about him at the library and reads to me about him all the time.  We told her when we went to Derby, Indiana that we would be close to his boyhood home and asked her if she wanted to go...of course the answer was Yes!

We had taken Gavin when he was about her age.  It is a very pretty place.  Here are some pictures from our adventure. 

Here is where Abe's mother Nancy was laid to rest.
Here is the space where greatness once lived... not much bigger than Macey's own bedroom.
They have a homestead set up to show you what Abe's family farm would have been like. There is a checker board in which Mamoo and Papsy have taken all the grandchildren and played a game of checkers...this was Macey's famous Payne moment with Papsy. I am not sure who won.
Just pretty...
Macey opted to become a Lincoln Jr. Ranger so we worked on a few project together so she could get her badge.
While we were there a train went by...and for the ones that know Gavin know that he use to LOVE trains. It use to be all about Thomas and Percy, now it is all about girls, music, friends...
I asked Gavin to take our picture. He went on for about five minutes about removing our sunglasses, moving our hands and getting things out of our pockets. I guess I have created a monster.

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