Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blue Heron Wineyards & Winery

For a couple of years I have been on the look out for this winery in Cannelton Indiana (which by the way, Cannelton is about the most red-neck place I have set my eyes on). Either way the people are good folk and will share with you the little they have. So finally we found this beauty up a dirt road along side of a mountain. Blue Heron Winery. The view alone is worth the trip. It is beautiful view of the locks and dam. My photos didn't do the view justice, you just have to trust me when I tell you that the view is breath taking. Just look at Macey...
While we sampled the wine on this beautiful vista, Gavin played on his ipod and later told me how much he liked the view.
This guy Gary that owned the place was just one of us. I asked him if all his wines were sweet, and the said "Nope, can't do that." I said great, because I like dry wines. Then since no one was there, and I admitted that I like dry wines...he said "hey, why don't you come out here...it is not pretty or anything, but I will let you sample my wine." And there in the vats of beautiful grapes he pulled them back and let us sample the wine in the making. It was WONDERFUL! We bought two bottles, and that was two days ago...wine is gone. I am going back next week when we day trip it there again. Then we took a hike up to this Celtic cross that someone had carved out of stone.

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