Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Treat

Honest Abe, and our own Hobo from Intercourse Penn. ( thanks mom) found our favorite neighbors and trick-or-treated in the cold. I listed what Macey got. Again it was such a great time with friends. I love our street and the people who live here!

Happy Halloween!!

5 Twizzlers
5 Whoppers
4 Snickers
5 Hershey Bars
19 Tootsie Rolls
6 Reese's
A Balloon
6 Twix
2 Laffy Taffy
4 Milky Way
1 Heath Bar
1 Musketeer Bar
A Glow Stick
1 Pixy Stick
A pencil
6 Taffy
A Rice Krispy Treat
2 small toys
6 Fruit Snacks
2 Smarties
3 Nerds

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