Tuesday, May 10, 2011

All Kinds of Fun

So Friday was my birthday and I didn't get a chance to post what I had planed as we were getting ready for our Derby party which was tons of fun. Which rolled into Mother's Day when Paul and I both woke up with a nasty stomach bug. I was too sick to post what I had planed for Mother's Day. I spent yesterday in bed taking it easy, which was a good thing because Macey woke me up at 3 am with a tummy ache and shared the fun with her brother who also woke up to the nasty bug.

I took these pics last night as Macey played with left over party confetti on her trampoline. Living in the moment...that is my goal for the last of my thirties. There is a crazy hectic pace to my life that I totally thrive on. Even these last few days. Even the yucky jobs of being the hair holder while my daughter is sick...I would wish to be no where else (only wish that we were all better!) It is nice to be her safe harbor. It is nice to be needed and wanted.

So thank you Paul for the awesome Birthday gift (Train tickets to see not only the show but meet Pat and Jimmy before the show!)

Derby Party was a blast, next years will be better.

And Happy Mother's Day to my Mom, Nana and Mamoo! Love you all six million!

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