Friday, November 2, 2012

Today's My Blogaversary

Three years ago today I posted my very first blog, wanna see, click here!  In keeping with tradition here are some highlights of this last year, good and bad.  I admit I have slacked on this blog this year.  A little by choice, a little by lack of time, but mostly because there was lots of drama.  Many things would have made for some great entertainment, but I felt it best to not air my drama online. 

We got a new sofa!

Paul has surgery on his arm. Poor Paul.

We all had a good laugh!

Along with learning to swim, and starting tumbling, Macey mastered the monkey bars. The girl does this till blisters cover her little hands.

We said good-bye to a friend. And gained a cow.

A trip to the arch on my birthday.

My first taste of anesthesia.

Gavin grew up! Here he is with Jack.

We spent an afternoon at the beach.

Macey went to her first concert, Train of course! Not only did she sit up front, she got to rock out with Pat, Jimmy, Scott and Hector on stage.

We took a ride on a Riverboat.

We celebrated our 9th year "On the Rocks" in Derby.
Here's to another year!

If you wanna see last years blogaversary click here, and the one before that here.

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