Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Hidden Mommy

Ok, this is just weird...click here!

Not only is this just creepy looking, as a mom, and a photographer, I enjoy being in the photos with my kids. After all they didn't get here without me. I am trying to get better at this. My camera is equipped with a self timer. I don't want my kids...and someday grand kids to not know what I looked like, or who I was. I am always the one behind the lens at all their important functions.

Not long ago a stranger came up to me when I was taking a picture of Macey and said...I'll take your picture. After he took our picture he said, "My dad was a photographer, and he was always taking pictures and never in the pictures." He knew...he got it! This is the picture he took!

Photography has come a long way! No blanket, or table coverings on this head. I love my kids in pictures with me. Even when they were infants and didn't want me to leave their sides...that is just where they were in life at that time. Sometimes Mom's will go to great lengths to be out of the photo, and have their child happy about it at the same time. It doesn't always happen. Maybe why I am such a fan of modern photos showing crying babies, or babies holding on for dear life at the pant leg of a parent. Take their pictures and embrace where they are in their life at that moment. For sooner than you think they won't want a photograph, and if you are lucky they will stand for you to be in it. Trust me on this!

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