Sunday, January 29, 2012

Why I love my camera...

Just like a familiar song, or smell can trigger a memory so do the millions of photos I have taken. I've been on a mission looking for some specific photos to have enlarged and hung on our walls. So far I haven't had much luck finding them, but I've been distracted by all these great memories. Places we have been, weddings, anniversaries, and I marvel at just how quickly my kids have grown up.

Check out these eyelashes, I am envious.

Paul dipping his own Maker's Mark bottle...wonder if we still have it?

Playing in the summer rain, catching rain drops on her tongue.


A day trip to the horse track...gotta love Gavin's jocky glasses. And can you believe he was ever that small?

A boat ride on the Ohio River during our annual trip to Derby.

The special cookers!

It is true that one should revisit the past once in awhile, and I am sure enjoying mine.

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