Monday, January 9, 2012


There are lots of projects going down tonight. Daddy is working on reading homework.

Then there is the matter of paint color. What color of brown do we paint the living room to match the new furniture we are expecting? Derby Brown, Puppy Paw, Welcome, and the running favorite Applesauce Cake.
If only we just picked 100 brown paint swatches for Macey's "100th Day of School" project. Instead we are working on "100 of Macey's Favorite Things."
Things like the color Pink, Daddy, American Girl Dolls and her dog Jack. Who is also at the start of training on how to be a good dog.

One of my friends shared with me her notes on puppy training 101. We are starting with a puppy clicker, which I have attached to me at this moment. I keep clicking and throwing treats. Small steps...fingers crossed, I hope at the end of seven weeks it makes even a small difference.

Then there is Gavin trying to weed through his stuff. He is getting a new bed in a couple weeks. I think back to when we bought this bunk bed for him. He was four, and so proud of himself for being able to sleep on the top bunk. Now his feet hang off the end.

So there you have it ... the busy house growing, evolving, improving. Stay tuned to see the final results.

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