Friday, October 29, 2010


Confession #1. I am addicted to books on CD. I cannot get enough. While I love to read, I just do not always have the time. It also is really cool to have someone read to me now that I am all grown up and no longer get a bed time story.

So today on my lunch hour I went to the library. Confession #2. The library can do the same for me that a glass of wine can achieve…distress me. So when at work the library is the perfect lunch escape, since I am not allowed to sip wine at my desk.

I check out with a jewel of a story, “Why my Third Husband Will be a Dog,” by Lisa Scottoline. It is the best! I highly, HIGHLY recommend it. I bursted out in laughter at my desk several times today. I am not sure anyone noticed, except for the security guy that watches all of us on hidden cameras in the bank. He probably noticed and believes me to be crazy.

I think part of why I was laughing was because her book is about everyday things that us as women deal with. She got to talking about spanxs…which leads to confession #3... I currently wore today with my sweater dress. But the spanxs are wickedly uncomfortable. And when she mentioned how she felt as if her spanxs were giving her a homemade hysterectomy I cried laughing as I could agree mine were doing the exact same thing.

She talked about false advertising in regards to underwear. Confession #4 again, I am laughing as Victoria knows my secrets. I am so glad that my husband knows my true figure, because I am guilty of false advertising. I just am not a young girl anymore, and things don’t look the way they did twenty years ago.

Which leads to my last and final confession #5. I had to get my lip waxed with my eyebrows last night. I get my eyebrows waxed all the time, but never my lip. Seriously, why does hair grow in the places we want it least? While it is starting to thin on my head…it is growing on my lip. It is cruel to grow old, and with grow lip hair. I came home looking all beat up with darker hair to cover my gray.

A trip to the beauty salon use to be it requires a pre-dose of Motrin to counter act the pain of beauty. But still so worth it!

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