Friday, October 22, 2010

My Bucket List

1. See the Redwoods
2. Drive Route 66
3. See the sun rise on Cadillac Mountain in Arcadia National Park
4. Have a bottle of Dom Perignon
5. Walk the ducks with Macey at the Memphis Peabody Hotel
6. Attend the Kentucky Derby / Hat purchase included
7. See DC in the spring
8. Work on our house. This would included wood floors in kitchen, new kitchen
cabinets, finish our vanity in Master Bathroom, new roof, fix leak from
shower, add a sunroom
9. Dance at my children’s weddings
10. Zipline
11. Learn to quilt
12. Have a big wedding reception for one of our anniversaries
13. Have my own photography website
14. Walk across the Calpilano Suspension Bridge in British Columbia
15. Have a passport
16. Be comfortable asking strangers if they would pose for a picture
17. Be involved in a church
18. Be at peace with my faith
19. Hire Bobbi and Mike to take my family’s photo
20. Grow my hair out long, then donate it to locks for love
21. Lean to light the grill and actually cook on it
22. Learn to use a curling iron
23. Continue to work on Macey’s wall of fame (I'll post pic later!)
24. Work on Studebaker pics (I'll post pic later)
25. Have an Ocean Themed Christmas Tree
26. Organize my photographs and put photos in albums
27. Take photos of the entire alphabet
28. Visit my great grandmothers grave in Maine
29. Call in sick from work and take my kids sledding when it snows
30. Wear false eyelashes for no special occasion
31. Get my makeup professional done, lean to apply it and buy and wear it
32. Own at least ten pairs of bright, fun, bold shoes (I own three)
33. Start walking or biking to get in shape
34. Take a swimming class
35. Have a camp out in the living room with the kids, roast marshmallows in the
fireplace, tell scary stories, sleep in sleeping bags, and no electricity
36. Stay in the Historic District of Savanna Georgia
37. Go snorkeling with sting rays and touch the sting rays this time
38. Take the fish off my own hook even it I have to pull its eyes out doing so
39. Frame the best of my children’s artwork (even if Gavin’s is x-rated)
40. Get my kids up in the middle of the night to watch the meter shower in August
41. Attend a night glow and photograph the hot air balloons
42. Learn how to use Photoshop
43. Take Gavin to see the St. Louis Arch
44. Ride a Ferris Wheel
45. Renew our wedding vows
46. Welcome in a new year doing something fun, not asleep, not sick, and being
47. Have a beer on Grafton Street in Dublin
48. Visit Highgate Cemetery in London
49. Try a new wine once a month
50. Take Mamoo to see Graceland
51. Successfully maintain a Gardenia plant for an entire year
52. Have a privately catered, romantic candle lit feast of fresh seafood for two
on a beach
53. Catch a roll at Lamberts
54. Live in a city for a year (Cincinnati would be my vote)
55. Live in Kentucky
56. Teach a photography class for kids
57. Use my talent to give back be it Operation Love, or photographing Kids who
are too sick to get out at Children’s Hospital
58. Take Macey and her doll Lanie to have Tea at the American Girl Doll store
59. Go sailing
60. Spend a weekend in a boat house
61. Visit the top the top of White Mountain in New Hampshire
62. Try sushi
63. Visit Yellow Stone National Park
64. See the Corn Palace
65. Dine at a five star restaurant
66. Take photos in a field of sunflowers
67. Sleep in my husband’s Kentucky Burbon trail tee-shirt after he completes the
68. Stay at Big Cedar Lodge in Brandson
69. Visit the SWOPE Art Museum in Terre Haute
70. Spend a vacation in a beach house
71. See Wormslow Plantation in the snow
72. Go on a ghost hunt in some place spooky like Bardstown Ky, or Saint
Augustine Florida
73. Go horseback riding in the Grand Canyon
74. Take the walking tour of Niagara Falls
75. See the Kentucky Moonbow
76. Ride in a gondola
77. Try to ski
78. Read the Bible in its entirety
79. Go on a cruise
80. Lean to use a gun
81. Leave a $100 tip
82. Buy everyone a drink at the bar
83. Buy the pair of boots I want and not look at the price tag
84. Visit Napa Valley and eat and drink on the wine train
85. Learn how to cook a weeks’ worth of meals
86. Organize my garage
87. Sell my photos in an art fair
88. Pay off one loan
89. Visit Chimney Rock
90. Watch my husband drive as fast as he can in a real racecar on a real track!
91. Help Gavin find something he can truly be passionate about besides a video
92. Slow dance with my husband with or without music for no reason at all
93. Go back to Buzzard’s Roost with my husband…prepared
94. Go camping with my kids
95. Visit the Florida Keys
96. Do the corn maze at Rock City
97. Finish the baby blanket I started for Gavin so maybe someday my
grandchildren will have it
98. Get a pedicure and maintain it all summer
99. Get a new sofa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
100. Pack a bag, jump into the car and just start driving without knowing where
you will go
101. Successfully take a photo each day to add to my blog…no skipping days!
102. Waste a day on purpose
103. Take my kids ice-skating on the circle downtown Indy
104. Shop in Shipeshewana
105. See the Oregon Coast
106. Buy fish at Pike Place Market
107. Find the spooky cemetery in Brazil and see if the scary legend is true
108. Take my husband on a carriage ride downtown
109. Eat rooftop at Dunaway’s in Indy
110. Take a walk in Central Park with my camera
111. Attend the Macey’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
112. See the Puffins on Monhegan Island in Maine
113. See the above ground graves in New Orleans
114. See the Sea Lions on Pier 39
115. Witness the Northern Lights
116. Stand in two different days on the Greewhich Meridian
117. Have tea and biscuits in London
118. Visit Martha’s Vineyard
119. Attend a Rodeo
120. Spend an afternoon tubing down a lazy river
121. Visit Mackinac Island
122. Photograph a real Joshua Tree
123. See the Blue Man Group perform
124. Ride a Cable Car down the streets of San Francisco
125. Visit Yosemite National Park
126. See a space shuttle launch
127. Eat Lobster in Rockland Maine at the Annual Lobster Fest
128. Eat at Jimmy Buffett’s restaurant
129. Get a great big hammock for our yard
130. Make enough money taking images I could quite my day job
131. Take Macey to the Wisconsin Dells so she can see where her daddy and I got
married and where she took her first road trip.
132. Purchase a flattering swim suite
133. Continue to add to this list with every item I mark off

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