Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Things that gross me out in my house....

or truthfully things that make me sigh out loud, curse under my breath, or say the guilty parties name when I find them....

toothpaste globs on the sink, floor, or my favorite hairbrush!

Gavin's open bug the house! This one has been moved outside! I don't even want to imagine what has crawled out of it! Actually I think part of it is left in the lid.

Bird poo or bug guts on my car windshield..and in this case sunroof. Just glad the sunroof was closed when this happened!

The smell of these shoes!!! I think I would rather visit a port-o-potty before I got too close to these babies!

food left in the garbage disposal and left to sit...come on people turn on the switch!

How about face, nose and tongue prints on your glass doors. Fingers prints have not nothing on this print! Check out the food on his face!

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