Friday, October 1, 2010

"So, how was your day?"

Doesn't everyone just take their porch chairs and sit out in the middle of the field and talk about their day? Last night when I was taking Taylor's photos Macey wanted her photo taken so bad. After I threw the chairs in the field and told them to take a seat I asked them to not look at me...just talk. Macey could not stop laughing...she thought this was the funniest and strangest things. She said to Taylor, "So, how was your day?" and we all laughed then.

Actually, after the busy week, and the crazy day I have ahead of me tomorrow that will start before 6 am....I wish I were in that field right now! Just throw my chair out there...look up at the stars and drink my glass of wine. And then have someone else drive me home of course!

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