Sunday, October 24, 2010

All Roads Lead Home

Do you ever have the feeling to just drive? Some days, I do. Sometimes it is not so much the escape from the everyday, but the sun is shining, and the tunes singing from my radio send me on a high. I think about all the good things and count my blessings.

Some days I drive to get away, runaway…escape. I do it when I feel alone, or I don’t belong in the moment or my own life. I drive to clear my head.

I remember a college friend who would take off with her friend and drive as far as a tank of gas would get them. No matter what the destination turned out to be, they would stop and stay at a cheap motel and then drive back home the next day. I loved that adventure…a mini escape from realities.

On snowy January days my boss and I have pondered if we got in the car first thing in the morning…how far could we get before lunch time…and what wonderful place could we land by 5 o’clock? Could we be somewhere warm and sunny with a beverage in hand by happy hour? Not really caring where we landed as long as it was away.

I use to drive to put my babies to sleep. This did not work for Gavin if it were dark, as he would scream in the dark when he was just a tiny thing! And Macey who cried all the time I would pack her up and drive just to hear the silence. Now she is so big, and she loves to ride with her hand waving in the breeze. Her daddy won't let her do this…(but I confess, I let her). There is something so freeing about seeing her little hand flapping in my rear-view window.

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