Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ribber Time

I did get the privilege to snag a little river "ribber" time with Macey last weekend. Paul brought me here to Derby Indiana the fall of 2003. We hit a deer, got so drunk, I feel in love with his family...and so many other amazing memories. I was smitten with this little hidden gem tucked away from most of the world. Mostly I was smitten with Paul, and his family.

This was Macey's decade year...she wanted me to come. It was bitter sweet.

But I have to have faith in the seeds of love that I have planted, cared for, water and sown. Some ties will never be broken...and maybe my love, and my little ribber girl will bind me to this special spot for all my days to come regardless of the outcome of this storm.

Thank you Payne family for such beautiful memories... I will treasure all these things. I've never taken a moment for granted... maybe there will be more to come, I sure hope so, because I love you all, this place, the tradition.

Here are a few favorite old post.... Papsy and his girl!

October 2010

Cousin time.

Albino deer...Papsy loved this!

Derby 2011

2006 on the river

Blue Heron Winery 2010

Maybe my favorite photo of the crooked cabin

Tracing Abe's steps while at the river.

Zip lining 2013

Macey's Tenth year!

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