Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mom's other work day....Saturday

While it is nice to get a break from the the hassles of work, who says a working mom gets a break just because it is the weekend?

7:11 am up before the kids which is a break.

7:13 am starting a cup of coffee, and let the dog out.

7:17 am out chasing the dog down the street in my jammy pants.

7:30 am Gavin is up, and into the bathroom making as much noise as possible!

7:32 am guess who else is now up? Offspring #2..the talker and non-stop singer.

7:45 am cleaning up last night dinner mess, and kitchen table so I can have somewhere to fold the laundry.

7:56 am folding laundry.

7:58 am Calling Gavin to the laundry room to clean only God knows what out of the washing was something in his pockets.

8:10 am breakfast time for kids.

8:20 am I go to the bathroom to find stuff still in the toilet and pee all over the back of the seat. Gavin gets a lesson on cleaning the toilets.

8:30 am into the living room. Picked up seven blankets, three sweatshirts, two pairs of dirty socks and a stray, five cups or empty soda cans, handfuls of candy wrapping carcasses, used Kleenex, ....this may take awhile.

9:00 am folding more clothes. Open the dryer to find more contents of Gavin's pockets. Supervising Gavin cleaning out the dryer.

9:10 am Starting on Macey's room. This is the big job of the Macey's room. Wish us luck!

9:45 am switching out laundry, found Gavin's MP3 ear phones, cleaner...but now broken.

10:22 am gave the dog a bath!

10:32 am paid some bills online.

10:45 am invited Gavin's friend over so he would be entertained.

10:50 am wrestled my bra off the dog. Not sure how he got that.

11:00 am leaving to pick up friend and lunch...

12:36 pm back at it! So the next two hours I did more laundry, helped Macey with her room. Washed the finger, nose and tongue prints off the sliding glass door (it looked nice for about 30 minutes), picked up the Halloween decorations, gathered some yard art in the to be put away, dodged nerf gun bullets from my son and his friend.

2:40 pm washed Gavin's winter jacket for the 2nd time today after finding him hiding from his friend under my car.

3:00 pm sat down for a break...whew!

3:01 pm coffee time

4:36 pm Mission accomplished! Macey has the cleanest room in the house. Wish the rest of the house looked and was as clean! Too bad I didn't take a before pic.

4:45 pm off to Walmart for Sunday wine and dinner.

6:06 pm back from Walmart, what was I thinking taking three kids?

6:08 pm Wine!

6:18 pm calling it a day on house work! Think I might grab my shower now!

Can any of you mom's identify? Are you as tired as I?

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