Sunday, November 7, 2010

Camera Girls

Yesterday was picture day....I took them most of the day!

When I was finally done, and started to transform my studio back into our living space Macey came in and wanted to take some photos.

She wanted to press the buttons!

So with a self timer and my budding little photographer we went to work!

Actually I just took her direction and sat for awhile!

Macey would say things like, "that's great" or "you look fantabulous."

She gave direction, turn your head this way, or scoot this way.

We tried different camera lenses!

We laughed and were silly!

The real photo opportunity was the picture of her behind my camera on the tripod! Super cute!

I wonder if she will grow up and become a great photographer!

In looking at all these photos of myself...I see that I need to be in more so the image of myself is not so shocking!

I noticed that I no longer fit into my skin....since when did this happen?

Finally, daddy came home and took the shoot with us actually in the photo! Here it is!

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