Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Do you speak in Moo?

My mother in-law, her name is Lynn, but her Grandkids named her Mamoo. Mamoo has her own secret vocabulary. We refer to it as Mooish. For example here are a few new words of Mooish that you might like to add to your vocabulary.

Beazer - your nose
Gourd - your head
Hocks - socks
We’ve gotta trinny – leave fast
The Bad Puppy Chair – Time out
BINGO – a boo-boo or ouchie
Bunkie – a baby
Pee Shu Knocky Knocky - snot

Mamoo also refer to any of us as “Myrt”, which is why I think Mamoo is also responsible for the nickname that I call Macey almost more than her real name. I hate to admit it, but I do call my little princess Myrt.

I have tried to give up this nickname, especially when I read the Great Gatsby and saw that Mr. Gatsby’s lover’s name was Myrtle. I have nicknamed my daughter after a fictional mistress. Still try as I might the name is stuck, and I don’t want to give it up…it came from her Mamoo. Even if Mamoo refers to any one of us as Myrt…Macey is the true Myrt. In fact if I could rename her I might even consider Myrtle. She could keep her initials “MVP” and still be our “Most Valuable Payne” .

Oh, and go get a tissue and wipe that pee shu knocky knocky off your nose!

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