Tuesday, November 23, 2010

cRazY Things My Kids Have Said or Done

"Don't you ever just fall asleep sining?" (Macey age 5....see I told you she was the singer!)

"I don't only want to buy things that are black." (Macey age 5 on Black Friday)

After Macey had gone to chapel one afternoon at school they must have had a lesson about the fruits of God and his spirit. She asked me if we had fruit in our heart. She really though we had actual fruit growing inside our hearts and wanted to know what kind, strawberries, bananas, or apples? (Macey age 4)

“Welcome to meet you, my name is Macey.” (Macey age 4)

After Gavin’s dental appointment the Dr. gave me and Gavin the same old lecture about bad brushing habits. He told Gavin that he had lots of calcium deposits on his teeth. Gavin told the dentist that it wasn’t because he didn’t brush, but because he is lactose intolerant. (Gavin age 10)

Aunt Jessica asked Macey how she got so cute. Macey told her that God made her that way. Jessica told her that she would have to send God a thank you card, and Macey said I don’t know his last name, I only know him by God. (Macey age 4)

Gavin was talking to Grammy about how far away her childhood home was from Papa’s (Maine to Indiana) and said that when they were babies it would have taken even longer since they had to travel by horse and wagon. (Gavin age 10)

Macey asked a waiter that she was flirting with at Cheeseburger in Paradise “Can we order you again?” (Macey age 5)

Are snowcrabs really made out of snow? (Macey age 3)

Macey was talking about a boy she knows Adam...and I told her that I knew who Adam was. She was surprised and asked how I knew him. I told her it was her sister's sister Kelsy's husband's brother. She just gave me the blankest stare. I said you don't get it...she said "No." So we went through it again your sister Taylor's sister Kelsy, married Billy who has a brother who's name is Adam. I could see the wheels turning, and she got it. That is hard even when you are my age (Macey age 5)!

After Paul went to get his haircut Macey asked him if Amy our hairdresser could do anything about his "kissing spot," and she kissed the bald spot on the back of his head. (Macey age 5)

Macey wanted to know why eyebrows were made of hair. (Macey age 5)

Macey told Grammy "I'm glad God made you." My dad wanted to know how you top that compliment. I asked if mom had just bought her something, and Dad told me that she hadn't, but she did after that. (Macey 4 yrs)

I was shaving my legs in the bathroom sink since I forgot my razor in the shower. Macey came over to me and ask me if I was Mowing my legs. (Macey 4 yrs)

Gavin got mad at me about taking his photo and told me that I was just like having the paparazzi with us on family vacations...couldn't I go anywhere without my camera? (Gavin age 10 yrs after taking a photo of him on a kiddie ride).

At dinner Macey asked us all what our favorite color was. Maddie answered clear. (Maddie 20 something)

Macey was trying to tell me something and lost her train of thought. I asked her again, what she wanted to tell me..she touched her head and said "I lost my mind." She just forgot what she wanted to say. (Macey 4 yrs)

We were packing up to leave for the weekend and Macey wanted me to stop everything I was doing to apply a fake tatoo. I told her no. She got mad, but then asked me if her sister Taylor who was there at the time could. I told her that it was up to Taylor. So she asked Taylor and when she asked she gave her "The Look", you mom's know the one. So Taylor sighed and said "Ok, but lets do it now while I am still here." I started to tease Taylor because she caved and she said "Did you see that look she gave me. She did learn from the best you know (meaning her), so I can't really tell her no." (Taylor 17 yr)

Macey got out of the shower and told me that she had naked on. (Macey 4yr)

We were eatting fish sticks for dinner and Gavin was so enjoying them until I told him what they were. He spit his mouthful out and ran to his room to check on the fish in his tank. (Gavin 2 yr)

Tonight at dinner Macey asked us to look at her nose..it was shaped like McDonalds. That we all had noes shaped like the letter "M". (Macey 4 yr)

Last year when Macey had a cold, she asked for some "bless you" medicine. (Macey 3 yr)

Recently, I forgot to wear my wedding ring. Gavin thought this was funny so he kept coming up to me and asking me out. We were actually at a skating party and he skated up behind me and said "I see that you are single. Wanna go back to my place and." I stopped him and asked him "and WHAT," the best he could come up with was have a beer. Whew...I was worried about just how much he might know. (Gavin 10yr)

Went to pick up Gavin from a friend's house to find him bare foot. Guess when running in the back yard he put his foot through the family's sewer drain. (Gavin 10yr, shoes 1 month)

During a thunder storm Macey told us that the sky must be hungry because she could hear its tummy growling. (Macey 3yr)

Caught Gavin brushing our cats teeth with his own toothbrush. (Gavin 1 yr)

I asked Gavin what he was chewing on, and his answer was a hiccup. (Gavin 1 yr)

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